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Vehicle Safety

As an officer, you use your radio, laptop, and cell phone daily in your duty vehicle. But did you know that your safety can be compromised by simple distractions or by feeling the need to hurry without regard for your well-being?

This Spotlight on Safety examines the basic components of vehicle safety and shows how you can enhance your traffic safety skill set.

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Distracted Driving and Officer Safety

This article describes the types of distractions that officers face while driving and provides practical solutions to avoid driving distracted.

Vehicle Safety: Taking Care of the Basics

This article describes the basic steps you can take to increase your safety while driving.

Vehicle Safety: What Executives Need to Hear

What can we do as law enforcement leaders to help ensure that our law enforcement officers are as safe as possible when operating their patrol cars and functioning in and around their vehicles?

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Below you will find printable info cards and posters. Download these resources to print, save to your smartphone, or share with your fellow LEOs. These reminders will serve as valuable reminders in the field to help you save lives!

Vest and Seatbelt Poster

This poster emphasizes the need for law enforcement officers to wear vests and seatbelts.

Autopilot Poster

This poster reminds officers to stay alert while driving.

Warning Lights Poster

This poster serves as a tool for reminding law enforcement officers to always wear their seat belts.

What's Important Now Poster

This poster serves as a reminder to law enforcement personnel on the importance of vehicle safety and wearing a seat belt.

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Warning Lights



Newton’s Third Law of Motion



Reducing Officer Injuries Through a Traffic Safety Program

June 30, 2016 - 14 minutes

This podcast highlights the award-winning traffic safety initiative implemented by the Yolo County, California, Sheriff's Office to reduce injuries related to crashes involving law enforcement vehicles. Retired Captain Larry Cecchettini, who served with the Yolo County Sheriff's Office for 29 years, shares his experience in developing and maintaining this program. The Yolo County Sheriff's Office was selected as a winner of the inaugural Destination Zero Awards in 2015 for its efforts to improve the safety of its officers.

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Officer Safety Initiatives

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and the NHTSA have worked together to actively promote law enforcement officer safety on the roadways.

Destination Zero Officer Traffic Safety Award

This award is presented to the law enforcement agency that has taken proactive measures to demonstrate definitively a program’s success in improving officer traffic-related safety practices. The agency has developed and successfully promoted its officer traffic safety program and, in doing so, achieved employee buy-in and program acceptance. The program has successfully increased officer safety related to traffic and made strides towards reducing traffic-related injuries or deaths while building a culture focused on traffic safety measures.
The Officer Traffic Safety category features programs that have increased officer seat-belt usage, increased the use of visibility gear, or provided enhanced driver’s training. The Officer Traffic Safety category also includes innovations to restrict mobile digital computer usages at higher speeds, modifications to interior patrol vehicle design, or implementation of new safety technologies.

Law Enforcement Officer Motor Vehicle Safety: Findings From a Statewide Survey

Research on occupational motor-vehicle operations has focused largely on transportation workers. Significant gaps exist in the research among emergency service personnel, including law enforcement officers (LEOs). Even though motor-vehicle crashes are the leading cause of occupational fatality among LEOs, data on current motor-vehicular injury and crash trends are scant.

Below 100

The mission of Below 100 is to influence law enforcement culture by providing innovative training and awareness through presentations, social media, and webinars on identifying the leading causes of and current trends in preventable line-of-duty deaths and injuries.

Near Miss

The Police Foundation, with support from the U.S. Department of Justice and other law enforcement organizations, has developed a voluntary, nondisciplinary reporting system that allows law enforcement personnel to read about and anonymously share “close calls” or “near misses,” which provide lessons learned that can protect others from similar incidents.

2017 Law Enforcement Fatalities Report

Traffic-related incidents were the leading cause of law enforcement fatalities in 2017. There were 47 traffic-related incidents in 2017.

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Video: Is Today Your Day?

This IACP 23-minute roll-call training video underscores the tragedies that regrettably result from officers’ failure to wear their seat belts.

Keep Officers Safe on the Road

Motor vehicle-related incidents are a leading cause of on-the-job deaths for law enforcement officers in the United States. This National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health resource, co-branded with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, recommends ways that officers can prevent crashes and injuries.